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The Benefits Of Wearing Multiple Hats

By admin | November 17th, 2013

Designers and developers are typically one’s yin to the other’s yang.  Designers are always taught that “form follows function,”  but, in the case of interactive design, they aren’t always equipped with the skills to provide functionality. This can hinder a project because a designer might not understand what it will take to make their design come alive. Sometimes they create something that simply won’t work or design something that would take far too many hours (read: money) to create. Developers, meanwhile, aren’t always design savvy but are the best of the best at making things work. The right combination of form and function can make or break a project. Sometimes one takes precedent over the other, and sometimes they need to have equal footing in order to be successful. Read More

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Cabedge Welcomes David Saunders As Creative Strategist

By jrosen | October 30th, 2013

We welcome David Saunders as the newest addition to our creative team. He  joins as Creative Strategist and brings a strong background in strategic graphic design, illustration, interactive marketing and front end development. Read More

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Video Killed The Radio Star: Atiba University

By admin | June 17th, 2013

What’s more fun that watching a bunch of YouTube videos that have millions of hits each? Throw in a few beers, some great tunes and a group of business professionals and you have the makings of a fine time we like to call Atiba University. Read More

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WordPress Security, Upgrades, Back-ups

By jrosen | May 1st, 2013

In case you haven’t noticed, Cabedge builds a lot of websites in WordPress. This is because we’re able to do some pretty cool stuff from a front end development standpoint, while also putting our clients in position to update their own content on a regular basis in an incredibly user-friendly way. While we are very much platform agnostic, building sites in Drupal and other open source PHP tools, Django (Python), Sitefinity ( and our own custom solutions for our clients to update their own content, we’ve found it hard to stray from WordPress of late. Read More

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