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We Need Your Help! Please Vote For Our Next Seasonal Logo

By admin | April 14th, 2013

Yummy! We are super excited to be the Gold Sponsors for the 44th annual Nashville Film Festival and decided to use this opportunity to explain ourselves a bit. You see, our name is Cabedge and our logo is a carrot. People ask us all the time the reason why and until now, we haven’t really bothered to answer. Read More

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Cutting through the SEO Clutter: Coach Based on Experience

By jrosen | March 13th, 2013

I’m proud of our team. We coach our clients based on our actual, real-world experiences – not educated guesses or other people’s blog posts. SEO, more so than any other service or specialty that we offer, opens up the door to harsh criticism. We received some today, in fact. One thing you’ll always hear me say if you work with us is: SEO is tough, and there are thousands of conflicting philosophies out there on the web – some delivered stronger and harsher than others, but the bottom line is, you have to try different things and evaluate what works and what doesn’t work for your business. Read More

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Social Media Nashville: No More Excuses

By admin | March 1st, 2013

My 87 year old grandmother was acting a little odd. Well, she is odd most of the time, but in a good way. Last week, she was talking all kinds of crazy and wasn’t able to complete a full sentence. To be honest, I was worried she would start telling dirty jokes or revealing things about her younger years that I would never be able to erase from my memory. So, my mother called to say she was headed to the emergency room and I met them there. Read More

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Giving Your Website Some Love In The New Year

By jrosen | December 31st, 2012

Well, we’re sure glad the world didn’t end on 12/21/12. We’re thankful for a great 2012, looking forward to many phenomenal projects and client relationships in 2013 and we wouldn’t have been able to share this great Atiba University video content with you. 2013 should be a year of taking a look at your web presence and really analyzing and thinking through how you can connect better with your target audiences. Read More

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