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Vine. We’re on it.

By admin | July 10th, 2013

And we are geeking out about it!

Comment and tell us what you are geeking out about! Even better, make your own Vine!

Don’t forget that Saturday is “Embrace Your Inner Geek Day”.

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What are you geeking out about?

By admin | July 8th, 2013

July 13th is official “Embrace Your Inner Geek Day”. Why do we know this? Because we spend a lot of time on the interwebs and are sure to read very carefully any article with the word “Geek” in it. Actually, one of our creative strategists came across it while researching blog content for our client’s knife sharpening business.

In an effort to keep our own skills sharp, we started a conversation about what each of us is geeking out about. It’s important for us not only to know our clients, but for them to know us. Our sister company Atiba Software uses the motto “Half Geek, Half Human” to describe their approach to the world of technology. At Cabedge our creative side sometimes overshadows our geeky side, and our inner Geeks were ready to show their faces. So, with the help of our friend Kerry Woo, we gathered the Farmers for a bit of family time and forced everyone to have their picture taken. Well, we didn’t really force them exactly. We just made it mandatory fun.

So here we are. The Cabedge family. Being Geeks. The word means something different to everyone, especially in the creative world. When we started talking about what “geeked us out”, we realized that each of us have passions and interests that may or may not be connected to our careers. A few of us may be Geekier than others, but who are we to judge?

Cabedge Team_July Geek Day 2013_Photography by Kerry Woo


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