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The Journey to Social Media Metrics that Matter

By admin | September 2nd, 2014

Atiba University dug into the strategy and analytics behind social media with guest presenters Jon Henshaw and Arienne Holland from Raven. Moderated by ourĀ own Paul Hickey, VP of Interactive Marketing for Atiba, we learned about the importance of establishing your business priorities while facing the truth of your business realities. Social media is a very important aspect of marketing your company, but the most successful results come with a strategy and tools to measure your efforts.

Jon Henshaw, co-founder of Raven, pointed out important points to consider before starting in on a social campaign such as the demographic of each network, the time and cost involved as well as your audiences expectations. Arienne followed up with discussing the importance of mapping out your journey, including defining who is in charge of the strategy and what they would do in the case of a crisis.


map the journey

As per the usual, the folks at Raven are great about providing recommendations for tools to use to accomplish your goals and in this case, how to report on the results. Along with Google Analytics, which is free and used widely by our strategists at Atiba, here is a list of others you may want to review.


If you missed the event, we’ve uploaded video to our YouTube channel and you can see what others were saying by following #atibau on Twitter. We will announce future Atiba University events on our website too!


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SEO Small Business Bootcamp: What Is A C-Block?

By jrosen | November 30th, 2013

Every once in a while, we like to try and break down some of the top SEO tools in the industry. Especially those that help educate our clients on the effectiveness of their past and present Search Engine Optimization efforts. When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck out of your interactive agency, education is key. Knowing what tools are out there, how to use them, and partner with your agency rather than totally rely on them to do all the work, will put your marketing strategy in a better position to succeed. Read More

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Don’t Hate: Your Business Needs Facebook and Twitter

By jrosen | November 18th, 2013

I’ve heard these stories at least a couple dozen times – “I hate Facebook!” … “I don’t understand that Twitter thing.” I know – your business doesn’t need social media. You get your leads from a direct source, your clientele is “old-fashioned” or you simply have a website to “validate” word-of-mouth referral business. Read More
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Media Monday: SEO Is Dead Due To Social Media Prominence?

By jrosen | October 7th, 2013

I read a blog post a while back that was forwarded to me by a co-worker. The post’s headline was pretty strong – SEO is Dead. Long Live Social Media Optimization. While there are good points and statistics listed in this article, it’s a little bit shocking to think that someone could actually suggest that SEO is dead. While social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are already functioning as search engines, I know firsthand that Organic Search is not going away as a top referral source. Read More

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