Hanging with the college kids

By admin | May 6th, 2014


We got an email from a professor of graphic design at Murray State who told us a group of graduating seniors were taking a road trip to Nashville and they wanted to meet us. Us! Cabedge! Well, they really wanted to meet the creative team so we made it happen and spent an hour with them at E|Spaces last week.

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David Saunders, Joe Wallace and Leah Sos provide deep insight for design students.

We talked about what they could do to stand out as applicants, what to expect from the hiring process, what makes a great client, what makes a good-not-great client, and how to avoid bad clients – if, theoretically, such a thing were to exist.

We also spent some time encouraging them to participate in social media – because we like to cyberstalk applicants at Cabedge in order to predetermine if we think they might be a good cultural fit.

Director of Creative & Development Services Joe told them about how to be kindly with developers – mentioning that developers only pretend to be grumpy and actually enjoy questions because it makes them feel smart/important (smartportant?). Creative Strategist David  hooked them up with the details about how he got in at Cabedge straight out of college. And Leah brought fresh, homemade muffins to earn the title of “Most Best Person from Cabedge” while also telling everyone how great she is – and occasionally dropping some knowledge too.

“We feel like it’s important to take time out of our schedules to get to know some of the up and coming future creative talent from around the country,” said Paul Hickey, Managing Director of Cabedge. “We hope they learn something from us, and we always learn something in the process – reflecting on our work, mission to serve clients at a high level, and have fun in the trenches. Events like this put things in perspective for us, and we appreciate the interest from the students and faculty at Murray State!”

We are sure that these young minds encountered lots of great people on their tour of Nashville’s digital creative community,  but we’re equally certain that they liked us most. And we liked them right back.

We wish them all the best of luck in their job search. 

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