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Media Monday 1st Edition: Getting Off The Couch Is Hard

By jrosen | July 29th, 2013

So I’m doing this both literally and figuratively today. I’m using Monday, July 29 as a day that I get off the couch. And it’s hard, but it feels good. Never mind the fact that I actually woke up at my alarm clock this morning at 5:30 a.m. and ran two miles, listening to a mix of Howard Stern and Sirius Fantasy Sports Radio. That’s for me, not for you. 🙂 I’m not here to be your life coach, but in some cases, I am here to be your business coach. So the important thing is the business equivalent of that “getting off the couch” – with respect to your digital strategy, of course. Read More

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User Experience Videos: What Makes Up UX? When To Wire?

By jrosen | July 29th, 2013

Heading into August, we’re still motivated by the phenomenal Atiba University presentation by our good friend Justin Davis in early July. Davis killed it on the Evolution of Web Usability, and we have the videos to prove it. Our extended farmer family member hit on several relevant topics, including the UX history timeline – from the beginning stages of making websites more usable, to the “features arms race,” to the era of experience – which he says we’re in currently. Read More

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24 Hour Design-A-thon Delivers for TN Literacy Coalition

By admin | July 15th, 2013

We were honored to sponsor this year’s Design-A-Thon and be a part of giving back to the Nashville Community, specifically the Tennessee Literacy Coalition. I’ve personally been involved all three years, but having the support of Cabedge as a sponsor meant a great deal to me and to the team.


Photo by Kerry Woo


Design-A-Thon was launched in 2010 when founders Ian Rhett and Jessica Murray saw the creative talent that existed in Nashville and the potential to help provide much-needed marketing resources to local and state-wide nonprofit organizations. Nearly 30 of Nashville’s most creative minds gather each year for a 24-hour design marathon. The volunteers provide website development, marketing strategy, collateral design and other creative services to a deserving nonprofit. Read More

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Vine. We’re on it.

By admin | July 10th, 2013

And we are geeking out about it!

Comment and tell us what you are geeking out about! Even better, make your own Vine!

Don’t forget that Saturday is “Embrace Your Inner Geek Day”.

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