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Thinking Through True UX

By jrosen | January 25th, 2013

I’ve been just as guilty as anyone of this in the past, but businesses have a tendency to really overcomplicate things for themselves without knowing it. At some level, the over-complication just comes with the territory, and I get that, but it in hindsight, it really isn’t necessary.

At it’s core – User Experience (UX) – has a pretty self-explanatory definition. Many companies just think of it as making something “usable.” We think of it as an opportunity to make something “special.” Wait, let me rephrase that, so I don’t sound really pompous or cocky. What I mean is, each project – small or large and complex – is truly an opportunity to create something special. Read More

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What Is Creative Alignment?

By jrosen | August 11th, 2012

There are many reasons on the surface that companies hire us. They need a new brand, a better looking website or they want to increase web traffic. But at the core of it all, is increasing their bottom line. Alignment marketing, or in our case – creative alignment – takes care of all of the above and more. Creative alignment really means taking a look at everything your business does from top to bottom and making a commitment to consistency and flow. Read More

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Lemme Lemme Upgrade U

By jrosen | August 1st, 2012

To steal the words from Beyonce, we’ve upgraded two of our Cabedge farmers, Matthew Rogers and Allen Willis. A big congrats to them, as they’ve been rewarded with new titles and new responsibilities due to their hard work, dedication, strategic problem solving ability and client relations ability. We’re proud to have people like them as a part of our team. Read More

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In Case Ya Didn’t Know, We Build Brands; Meet Our BX Genius

By jrosen | July 1st, 2012

What is Brand Experience? One of the newest Cabedge farmers can definitely tell you. His name is Matthew Rogers, and while we jokingly refer to our group of web-centric marketing and UX professionals as “farmers,” Matthew actually is a farmer. He grows his own vegetables in his garden and eats them. Read More

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