Digital Harvest = Slumber Party

By admin | March 28th, 2014

Strategic Design

Sometimes we are so busy with our client projects that we can hardly find the time to do our own marketing  and build new tools for ourselves. I know this is the case for many agencies as well as entrepreneurs, start-ups and even some larger corporations. When the to-do list gets too long, we prioritize client work over our own more times than not.

The team at Cabedge is charged with creating, updating, measuring and maintaining the websites for our company as well as our sister company, Atiba. The goal for 2014 is to launch 5 brand new websites by June 1st and rather than picking away at them for a few months, we are going to spend the night locked in our office with coffee, pizza and cookies and focus on our internal tasks at hand for 24-ish hours.

That’s right. The first annual Digital Harvest starts this afternoon and by tomorrow morning we will have an entire list of internal deliverables complete, including 5 new websites and marketing collateral for Cabedge, Atiba and 3 Atiba subsidiaries.  We will also have a deeper understanding of how we all react to one another on little or no sleep as well as insane amounts of bubble water, chocolate and gummie bears. So yeah, it should be pretty awesome. For our own entertainment, we will be live tweeting the entire event. If you have nothing better to do on a Friday night, please follow along on Twitter using the #digiharvest from the Cabedge account. Here’s our first animated GIF of Leah, a creative strategist,  to display our excitement. It’s the GIF that keeps on GIFfing.


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