Media Monday: Guest Blogging

By jrosen | September 9th, 2013


There are plenty of hot-button topics in local search engine optimization (SEO) these days. I prefer the term Organic Search, but that’s just me. One of the topics everyone has their eyes on is Guest Blogging. Is it safe? If so, how should you do it? How should you execute it? Where do you find the safest and best opportunities?

Okay, let’s slow down and try to approach this like how we approach nearly everything else at Cabedge – with common sense.

1. Is it safe?

Well, of course. Everything is safe if you do it the right way. When you have the likes of Forbes and Hubspot talking about it, you know there is a place for it in the world of internet marketing. It’s not just a fad.

2. How should you execute it?

Let’s be honest, “guest blogging” isn’t new. It’s been around for at least a decade. I know, from direct experience. Only recently, since Google has put an axe to black hat linkbuilding, has Guest Blogging become a more prominent buzz word. To do it right takes hard work. It’s old school opportunity scouting, relationship building and follow-up. SEO Workbook style.

3. Good guest blogging takes good content development.

Once you understand what the audiences of your partners are really  looking for, you can determine how to speak to them and engage with them via your content. I’ve been trying my hand at it recently with our friends at E|SPACES.

4. Tracking ROI.

The best thing about guest blogging is that you can directly track ROI based on your Google Analytics data. In other words, if you find that when you post for Johnny’s Tractor Shop vs. Tractor Supply, you get more referral traffic, you may want to put more effort into your Johnny’s Tractor Shop blog posts.

Paul Hickey is the managing director of Cabedge Design, LLCan Atiba Company – and chief marketing geek for the Atiba Family. He specializes in strategic web design, organic and paid search, brand creation and helping clients and partners accomplish business goals. Paul loves writing and communicating, and helping drive relevant traffic to websites.

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