24 Hour Design-A-thon Delivers for TN Literacy Coalition

By admin | July 15th, 2013


We were honored to sponsor this year’s Design-A-Thon and be a part of giving back to the Nashville Community, specifically the Tennessee Literacy Coalition. I’ve personally been involved all three years, but having the support of Cabedge as a sponsor meant a great deal to me and to the team.


Photo by Kerry Woo


Design-A-Thon was launched in 2010 when founders Ian Rhett and Jessica Murray saw the creative talent that existed in Nashville and the potential to help provide much-needed marketing resources to local and state-wide nonprofit organizations. Nearly 30 of Nashville’s most creative minds gather each year for a 24-hour design marathon. The volunteers provide website development, marketing strategy, collateral design and other creative services to a deserving nonprofit.

This year, In 24 hours, a group of 30 volunteers created an amazing list of deliverables:

  • Created copy and design for Corporate Giving brochure
  • Designed Bus Bench Ad
  • Created a Twitter Social Media Guide
  • Created an illustrated guide: How To Blog On Your WordPress Site
  • Wrote a bunch of Blog posts for future publication
  • Developed an Editorial Calendar
  • Added a Blog Roll
  • Powerpoint Presentation for Corporate Giving
  • Created an Infographic describing the many costs of illiteracy
  • Animated a :15 second tv PSA spot and assets for a second :15 spot, and a :30 second spot
  • Recorded and edited 5 testimonial videos
  • Generated LinkedIn Profile
  • Built out email marketing
  • SEO : Adwords, Keyword analysis
  • Event promotion consulting for Made In Nashville
Website updates:
– fixed some issues with Google Analytics, trained TLC on how to use them
– unblocked tnliteracy.org from Google searches
– forms: contact, volunteer, donation
– social
– donor page
– redesign of the blog
– embedded media
Training and documentation:
  • WordPress
  • Blogging Content Strategy
  • Social Media

Yes, this was ALL done in 24 hours. By people with all levels of experience in our creative community. And the Tennessee Literacy Coalition has a much more up to date and powerful set of tools to help with their ultimate mission of reducing adult illiteracy in the state of Tennessee.

Take a moment to learn more about the TLC and engage with them on the various social media platforms we’ve created for them. The facts behind adult literacy issues are astounding and as I learned this weekend, it affects each of us.

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