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By admin | April 25th, 2013


On the night of the NFL Draft, it’s only appropriate to post a “leaderboard,” of sorts. As NFL Network’s Mike Mayock breaks down the winners and losers of the 2013 first round, we break down which Yummy treat could potentially become our next seasonal logo.

We are off to the races! YummyWebGoodness.com successfully launched last week and we are asking you to help us pick the next ingredient that best represents Cabedge and our brand.

Our logo is a carrot and our name is Cabedge, so we decided it makes total sense to just add to our collection of produce. We want you to help us!

As of today, corn is in the lead. This is pretty appropriate, since one of our friends pointed out that corn is actually grown (a lot!) in the state of Tennessee. This is also making me crave the first white corn of the season that we should be seeing soon. And corn chips. And salsa. And a margarita. Wait, isn’t Cinco de Mayo around the corner?

Take a minute and vote for the next ingredient that will be featured on our site this fall. We appreciate your help!

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