Giving Your Website Some Love In The New Year

By jrosen | December 31st, 2012

Strategic Design | User Experience

Well, we’re sure glad the world didn’t end on 12/21/12. We’re thankful for a great 2012, looking forward to many phenomenal projects and client relationships in 2013 and we wouldn’t have been able to share this great Atiba University video content with you. 2013 should be a year of taking a look at your web presence and really analyzing and thinking through how you can connect better with your target audiences.

Your website should be about what resonates best with your prospective “consumers” and not about personal preference. Data can and should drive decisions. If you missed our great Atiba University event on 12/18/12 due to a busy holiday or fourth quarter schedule, we understand, and we’ve selected the following video clip snippets to share with you what you missed. Also, the entire “prezi” can be seen here.

How To Do A Website Audit: Brett Henley and Courtenay Rogers Present

We’re Obsessed With WordPress

And We Love Mockflow

How To Avoid Junk Lists On Twitter

Google Has So Much More To Offer Than Search Rankings

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