Our New Ninja Will Help Us Stay Lean

By jrosen | October 29th, 2012

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We’re going on a diet, and we’ve hired a real ninja to hold us to it. Lean, mean vegetarian, Krav Maga student, Whole Foods lover and creative strategist Brett Henley has joined our team, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Brett doesn’t just stay lean on nuts and fruits.

He helps increase the chemistry and confidence among our staff, knows how to guide our clients in the right direction, sift through the marketing clutter and make the smartest possible decisions for their organization. He listens, plans, develops and implements marketing strategies, from planning and process documents and identifying key performance indicators on the front end of a project, to copywriting, optimizing, crafting messaging and tracking effectiveness throughout the course of a client relationship. He has worked with us for several months in a freelance capacity, and we are thrilled to have him on board as a full-timer at Cabedge.

He has worked professionally as a writer and communicator for several years, helping hundreds of brands – from small business to enterprise level – develop highly-targeted communication strategy.

His career as a communicator spans an array of environments – from enterprise e-commerce and major regional interactive agencies to entrepreneurship. His roles and responsibilities have focused on strategy, execution and optimization for communicating both online and in the real world, including:

  • Content strategy and information architecture
  • Content development (technical articles, white papers, case studies, blogs, email campaigns, print collateral, advertising copy, etc.)
  • Search engine marketing – PPC and SEO
  • Email marketing


He has partnered with organizations from a diverse range of industries, including industrial manufacturing and B2B, deregulated energy and renewable, Telecom and small-to-medium B2C. Henley has also developed strong technical expertise by working hands-on with platforms and applications such as Google Analytics; Emma and Mailchimp; Axure and Mockflow for website wireframing and prototyping, and a wide range of custom as well as proprietary Content Management Systems, including Drupal,  WordPress  and more.

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