#NASHTAG: For Nashville’s Tech Geeks & Business Leaders

By jrosen | September 17th, 2012

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Cabedge Design, LLC, a Web-centric design and alignment marketing firm and an Atiba Company, launched a new digital publication called #Nashtag.  Nashville creative, entrepreneurial and technology leaders can find common ground within the pages of #Nashtag as it focuses on engaging the Middle Tennessee business community in a monthly online magazine format. #Nashtag issues will be published on either the 6th or 15th of every month in honor of the 615 area code.

“There are plenty of quality online magazines – many based here in Nashville – and we are not trying to compete with any of them,” said JJ Rosen, founder and CEO of Atiba Software, LLC. “As Atiba and Cabedge have grown, we’ve seen opportunities to not only share our own ideas and thoughts, but also to help elevate partners and potential partners in the community to a point where they can become thought leaders as well. Our plan is for #Nashtag to create and enhance collaboration in the Nashville business community. Our content is intended to spur conversation and feedback from our readers, clients, and partners.”

Each issue of the magazine will include an interview with an industry expert or community leader. The first issue of #Nashtag includes an interview with digital marketing consultant and social media strategist, Dave Delaney (http://daveadelaney.com), who is synonymous with Podcamp Nashville, NashCockTail and Nashville Geek Breakfast. Additional content each month will include technology news, timely business information, weird or unusual facts, spotlights on charitable organizations and more.

#Nashtag will evolve over time,” said Paul Hickey, managing director of Cabedge Design, LLC. “We believe the best products come from collaboration, and we intend to mold the publication to the feedback we receive each month. By no means will our first issue be our best. It will only get better with time.”

The company’s writers, graphic designers, marketing professionals and content strategists all agree that the inspiration behind #Nashtag is to Create – Engage – Learn – Laugh – Share.   Cabedge will utilize Twitter and Facebook to broaden the exposure to #Nashtag.  “If our readers comment on or share our content, each reader will gain exposure for themselves and ultimately increase their business opportunities as well,” added Hickey. Our number one goal will be to engage readers and keep them involved.”

Cabedge Design, LLC serves clients with business strategies while planning, designing and building websites and Web applications for national brands like ExxonMobil, LEGO, National Geographic and The Washington Post as well as Nashville-based companies like Griffin Technology, Shoney’s and BMI.

Atiba Software, LLC specializes in programming, custom software, web development, and mobile development. Atiba has served Nashville business, industry, government and civic groups since 1992, providing state-of-the-art services and developing cutting edge products and services for the digital space.

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