What Is Creative Alignment?

By jrosen | August 11th, 2012


There are many reasons on the surface that companies hire us. They need a new brand, a better looking website or they want to increase web traffic. But at the core of it all, is increasing their bottom line. Alignment marketing, or in our case – creative alignment – takes care of all of the above and more. Creative alignment really means taking a look at everything your business does from top to bottom and making a commitment to consistency and flow.

At the top of everything is your brand. Your brand is more than a logo, it’s every single touch point that your company could potentially be responsible for. Every word that you and your employees speak, every press release, media interview, sales call, advertisement, every piece of web copy, and even every social media post. It’s every community event and it’s even the look, feel, smell, signage and people in your offices, point of sale locations, delivery trucks, and, well, you get the point.

So this may seem overwhelming, but in order to achieve top notch creative alignment, all it takes is planning and commitment. Then, the hap-hazardness ends and the production begins.

Your social media must align with your SEO and website copy and UX… which of course, takes into account your paid search campaigns. Each has a purpose as it relates to your end goal of increasing revenue. Your digital efforts and messaging support and are supported by your community efforts, inside, outside, group sales, corporate marketing, collateral materials, business cards, letterhead, internal presentations, promotional items, leave behinds and well – you get the point.

Everything your business does has a purpose. It all relates back to your brand experience. The experience that your clients, prospectives, investors, vendors and even employees get permeates through all of your audiences and plays a roll in the connection that is built with your brand. The stronger and more consistent the connection, the more likely customers are to trust you and spend their money with you.

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