Lemme Lemme Upgrade U

By jrosen | August 1st, 2012


To steal the words from Beyonce, we’ve upgraded two of our Cabedge farmers, Matthew Rogers and Allen Willis. A big congrats to them, as they’ve been rewarded with new titles and new responsibilities due to their hard work, dedication, strategic problem solving ability and client relations ability. We’re proud to have people like them as a part of our team.

We’re not big on titles here at Cabedge Design, as we’re mainly a organization that works as a team to get things done for our clients. There’s always a ‘but’, and the exception here is the fact that we’re growing. As a strategic, creative alignment marketing firm, there is a demand from our clients to not only plan and build their core business functions, but also promote them. We relish this opportunity and constantly look for efficiencies in our process and ways we can strengthen our team to help build our clients’ businesses. Getting Matthew in a Creative Director role, and Allen’s organizational and project management skills engrained in every marketing project were logical steps.

Rogers, an artist, strategist and creator, is an industry leader in Brand Experience (Bx) and Ideation. He will provide creative direction to Cabedge’s team of graphic designers and information architects as he evaluates and realigns brands, recognizes opportunities to maximize creative strategy in mobile and interface design, and user experience. He was partner, principal and creative director of Franklin, Tenn.-based marketing firm Primarily Rye. Previously, he was partner, co-creator and creative director of Digi-Graph Design in Nashville.

Willis, a business strategist with experience in web project management, SEO (organic search) and social media marketing, has been an integral part of Cabedge’s marketing services, and will now lead the organization’s team of content strategists in offering full service marketing plans and implementation to clients interested in growing their web traffic and creating online communities of brand advocates.

Willis has extensive experience with local tech start-up companies such as GiveAGift.net, a tech startup centered on managing employee engagement programs for businesses, and has overseen business operations, Web design and account management as well as database management and vendor relations. He also has experience serving as an adjunct professor of religion at Bethel University in Nashville and Clarksville and office manager for Nashville Capital Corporation.

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