The Importance Of Creating Twitter Lists

By admin | July 13th, 2012

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Twitter is quickly becoming a marketing must. For the non-user, create your marketing plan and do some research before jumping in. For the Twitter user that’s looking for some extras: This one’s for you…
In order to make Twitter work for you, it’s got to be a conversation and an information outlet, and it has to inform your specific audiences. You need to stay actively and genuinely connected to your audiences, and those you follow. At times, if you are following lots of people, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the conversation. This blog explains the importance of creating a twitter list, and will help you create a “List” in Twitter. These lists are a way for you to group your “follows” into categories and allow you to read what they are saying with ease. These lists are going to group your “follows” into any category that you choose.
Here are some ideas for lists you might want to create: “Local Businesses,” “Prospective Clients,” “Current Customers,” “Marketing Networks,” for example. If you have several departments in your company, maybe make your lists according to the services you offer or to the specific target groups you want to reach. Example: You’re a service based company, your lists could be: “Working Moms”, “College Students”, “Business Men”, etc.
Shout out to Social Media expert Mike Coleman, check out his website for other useful information at Here’s how you CREATE A LIST:
1.Go to your Profile tab on your Twitter page and select “Lists” from the dropdown menu. The Profile tab is located in the top right hand side of your page with the little head image and the down arrow next to it.

2. Click “Create List”.
3. Enter the name of your list, a short description, and whether you want the list to be private or public. Note: The name of your list cannot exceed 25 characters and cannot start with a numerical character.
4. Click “Save List”.
To add people to your list:
1. Go to the Search box at the top of the page and type in someone’s name you would like to add to your list.
2. Once you find them, click on their profile picture. This will bring up this person’s user profile.
3. Now click on the little head icon located next to the Follow button on their profile and select “Add or remove from lists …”.
4. Click the list you want to add them to and select the “X” in the top right corner of the popup and they are added to your list.
The lists are what do you do with them? My suggestion would be to check one list a day. Make it a priority to either “retweet” some useful information to your followers (thus giving some virtual kudos) or to “mention” someone. You will find it better to read tweets in chunks instead of long strings, so use this saved time to engage your audience. This also can help you to stay organized. Perhaps you can read only one “list” a day to keep your marketing workload manageable. Or if you have a marketing team, give them a list to manage and offload a little of the workload.

These lists will allow you to streamline your connections and make it more manageable to read their tweets. Additionally, keep in mind that people can and will subscribe to your lists, and you can subscribe to others’ lists. This brings up dozens of potential website usability features that we may discuss in future blog posts here at When you’re reading more tweets, you’re able to stay connected – genuinely and organically. Happy tweeting. More to come. Email or comment below with questions.

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