In Case Ya Didn’t Know, We Build Brands; Meet Our BX Genius

By jrosen | July 1st, 2012


What is Brand Experience? One of the newest Cabedge farmers can definitely tell you. His name is Matthew Rogers, and while we jokingly refer to our group of web-centric marketing and UX professionals as “farmers,” Matthew actually is a farmer. He grows his own vegetables in his garden and eats them.

Matthew – who some of you may know from his previous business Primarily Rye – is an incredibly accomplished artist and visual designer with the creative drive our clients demand. Staying on the leading edge of our fast-moving industry requires that we identify and cultivate the very best talent in the market. Matthew’s skill set, work ethic and personality fits perfectly.

The serial entrepreneur and designer, was partner, principal and creative director of Franklin, Tenn.-based marketing firm Primarily Rye. Previously, he was partner, co-creator and creative director of Digi-Graph Design in Nashville. He holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Middle Tennessee State University.

A Creative and Brand Expert skilled in research-driven design, leading small teams, connecting and listening to clients, conceptualizing and refining ideas, executing approved directions, Rogers wears multiple hats with Cabedge including branding and identity, BX, brand architecture, logo and web design and on occasion social media management and digital marketing for clients.

He helps Cabedge recognize opportunities, evaluate brands, maximize social media, creative strategy, mobile design, interface design, and user experience.

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