To Blog, or Not To Blog

By jrosen | May 30th, 2012


Do you have a legitimate reason why your company isn’t blogging? Really?

One thing I find myself constantly encouraging clients to do on their website(s) is blog. Blog, blog, blog. Have a voice. Become a “thought leader” in your industry. Unfortunately, the word “blog” itself makes a lot of business people cringe. The most common thing I hear is that folks don’t have enough time to blog, or can’t justify the ROI – yet, they still want to rank #1 on Google Page 1 for those ever competitive keywords.

Quite frankly, I decided it was time that we started practice what we preach at Cabedge Design.

If you’re company is thinking about improving it’s social media presence, or beginning to build one from the ground up, having a blog becomes even more of a necessity. Yes, you can use Facebook and Twitter to speak, but you’re doing your company an infinite amount of marketing-related favors by having your social media posts push your blog.

I’m not talking every day, here, but more once a week or at minimum – once every two weeks.

A good blog – posted on a consistent basis – will draw traffic to your website. Ahem – I mean relevant traffic to your website. It will also give those Twitter followers somewhere else to go on occasion to get more information about you and what you can help provide.

But it also gives Google that content rollover that the almighty algorithm looks for consistently.

Let’s not forget how important it is to write – again, as a thought leader in your industry. Writing regularly positions you and your company as a credible source, and one that could be a guest contributor to or featured in a regional or national publication that gets much more traffic and eyeballs than your site. This is huge for not only PR and marketing reasons, but also for overall search engine optimization (SEO).

As I sit here blogging about why blogging is important, I encourage you to also check out Neal Schaeffer’s thoughts on the matter (#2 in his Social Media 101 for Professional Organizations post from a couple weeks back).

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